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5 Exercises To Remove Underarm Fat And Breast Side Fat

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Photo credit – En.lavidalucida.com Chest Press This exercise works your chest muscles, which is the “side boob” area along with your shoulders and triceps. To execute, lie on a bench or a medicine ball with a dumbbell in each hand and your feet flat on the floor. Push the dumbbells up so that your arms are directly over your shoulders and your palms. Then lower the dumbbells down and a little to the side until your elbows are slightly your shoulders. Repeat this motion 8 to 10 times. Staggered Push-Ups Stand with your feet hip distance apart holding a dumbbell in each hand with your knees slightly bent. Keeping your back straight, lean forward until your torso is about a 45-degree angle. Bring the weights together in front of you until your arms for a circle. Then slowly, raise

What Is The Link? Salt And Diabete

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Photo credit – Financialtribune.com Diabetes is characterized by high blood glucose either because the body does not produce enough insulin or where the body cells do not respond to insulin or both. Diabetes causes certain types of cancer, heart attacks, heart diseases, kidney diseases, eye problems and strokes among others. Taking high amounts of salt causes retention of fluids in the body, causing the heart to exert more pressure in the arteries as the blood is thicker and this may destroy the arteries and lead to high blood pressure and destroy the kidneys. This brief article familiarizes the reader just what salt is, it’s connection to diabetes and how it can be controlled. Sodium chloride also known as salt is composed of 40% sodium and 60% chloride. Sodium is an essential mineral

5 Prayers To Transform Your Workplace

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Photo credit – Theprayingwoman.com I was well into my fourth year as a high school special education teacher when the looming cloud of burnout began drifting uncomfortably close. Determined not to fall into the statistic of special education teachers who leave the profession within the first five years, I needed a fresh wave of encouragement to wash over me and breathe life into my weary soul. Part of my discouragement stemmed from the fact that I was a devoted Christ-follower in a secular system – a system with strict rules that prohibited me from sharing my faith in the classroom. I was wrestling with my calling when an older woman from my church suggested I use the verses of Colossians 1:9-12 as a prayer guide for my students and coworkers. What I discovered in the months that

Is It Advisable To Marry Your Best Friend?

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Photo credit – Shutterstock What It Means To Marry Your Best Friend Young people get confused when you tell them to get married to their best friend. The question that follows is “how can I marry my best friend when I don’t feel love for such a person?” What if my best friend is having a lover? Does that mean they should leave their lover for me? What if they don’t see me as a lover but just a friend? To marry your best friend doesn’t mean go and propose love to a best friend you already have or force them to be in a relationship with you. This is far from that. Marrying your best friend means you should build a friendship with the stranger who approaches you in the name of love, dating or marriage. Allow the friendship to grow into best friends before

Top Causes Of Sweat At Night

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Photo credit – Shutterstock   Menopause. The hot flashes that accompany menopause can occur at night and cause sweating. This is a very common cause of night sweats in women. Idiopathic hyperhidrosis. Idiopathic hyperhidrosis is a condition in which the body chronically produces too much sweat without any identifiable medical cause. Infections. Tuberculosis is the infection most commonly associated with night sweats. But bacterial infections, such as endocarditis (inflammation of the heart valves), osteomyelitis (inflammation in the bones), and abscesses can cause night sweats. Night sweats are also a symptom of HIV infection. Cancers. Night sweats are an early symptom of some cancers. The most common type of cancer associated with night sweats is lymphoma.

5 Features You Should Spot If You Like To Watch Movies On Your Phone

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When it comes to watching movies on your phone, it is important to note that not all phones are created equal. Depending on factors like speaker quality, battery life, and screen size, a phone can either make your experience enjoyable, or completely ruin the fun. So if you’re a streaming video lover, Jumia Nigeria , your trusted online store will highlight features to help you make informed decision on your next smartphone purchase. Screen Size: If you love to watch movies on your phone, the screen size should be the number one concern for people who watch streaming video on their smartphones. So to make sure you can see the content as clearly as possible, be sure to get phones with screens that are larger than 5 inches, not including the bezels, hardware keys, sensors,

How To Pack Light When Travelling With Kids

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When travelling with kids, there is a very high possibility that you are going to overpack. This is because you have to pack for your kids. This should not always be the case since you can pack light regardless of the number of kids or people you are travelling with. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency highlights ways you can pack light when on vacation with your kids. Make a minimal list of what you need To pack light with kids, without leaving anything important behind, always start by making a list of travel essentials. This should be a minimal list that answers the question: what do I absolutely need on this trip? Examples of what should be on the list include tickets, documents, prescription medicines and money. Be realistic about what they will/will not wear Once

Parents: Tips To Prevent Childhood Obesity In Your Children

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Photo credit – Venturesafrica.com Offer your kids nutritious meals and snacks with an appropriate number of calories. You can help them develop healthy eating habits by making favorite dishes healthier and by reducing calorie-rich temptations. Encourage healthy eating habits. Small changes can lead to a recipe for success! Provide plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole-grain products. Include low-fat or non-fat milk or dairy products. Choose lean meats, poultry, fish, lentils and beans for protein. Serve reasonably sized portions. Encourage your family to drink lots of water. Limit sugar-sweetened beverages, sugar, sodium and saturated fat. Make favorite dishes healthier. Some of your favorite recipes can be healthier with a few changes . You can also try some new heart-healthy

Why Food Vendors Have Tastier And Crispier Fried Yams Than Home Made Ones

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Photo credit – Obaapa Kitchen I was briskly walking home from town when I accidentally overhead two teenagers having a chat near the fried yam seller in my neighbourhood. Apparently, they had been served yam but waiting for their change. One of them asked the other: “So why does yam fried at home have this subtle bitter taste and not crispy too? I prefer fried yam from the vendors than when made at home.” I was hurrying home so didn’t get to hear whether there was a response from his peer. However, I’m certain he would not have any better response to that question. You need to be an expert in the kitchen or have some excellent culinary skills to answer that, trust me. I pondered over the question and here are some answers I deduced. Fried yam from the streets

These Lessons Will Make Your Life Better As A Single Mother

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Erica Wyatt is a single mother of four children and knows at firsthand that raising your children alone is one of the most difficult challenges that you will ever face in life. She shares 4 lessons on familyshare.com, to help other single mothers. You are never alone. All too often the enemy comes to bring discouragement by telling you that no one understands your struggles and you are all alone in your quest to raise successful children. The word of God lets you know that God is ALWAYS with you. No matter what challenges you face or how hard things get in your life, always remember that God is walking right beside you. Deuteronomy 31:6 – Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” 2.