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How To Pack Light When Travelling With Kids

Written by | February 16, 2018 | 0
When travelling with kids, there is a very high possibility that you are going to overpack. This is because you have to pack for your kids. This should not always be the case since you can pack light regardless of the number of kids or people you are travelling with. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency highlights ways you can pack light when on vacation with your kids. Make a minimal list of what you need To pack light with kids, without leaving anything important behind, always start by making a list of travel essentials. This should be a minimal list that answers the question: what do I absolutely need on this trip? Examples of what should be on the list include tickets, documents, prescription medicines and money. Be realistic about what they will/will not wear Once

Parents: Tips To Prevent Childhood Obesity In Your Children

Written by | November 8, 2017 | 0
Photo credit – Venturesafrica.com Offer your kids nutritious meals and snacks with an appropriate number of calories. You can help them develop healthy eating habits by making favorite dishes healthier and by reducing calorie-rich temptations. Encourage healthy eating habits. Small changes can lead to a recipe for success! Provide plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole-grain products. Include low-fat or non-fat milk or dairy products. Choose lean meats, poultry, fish, lentils and beans for protein. Serve reasonably sized portions. Encourage your family to drink lots of water. Limit sugar-sweetened beverages, sugar, sodium and saturated fat. Make favorite dishes healthier. Some of your favorite recipes can be healthier with a few changes . You can also try some new heart-healthy

Why Food Vendors Have Tastier And Crispier Fried Yams Than Home Made Ones

Written by | November 8, 2017 | 0
Photo credit – Obaapa Kitchen I was briskly walking home from town when I accidentally overhead two teenagers having a chat near the fried yam seller in my neighbourhood. Apparently, they had been served yam but waiting for their change. One of them asked the other: “So why does yam fried at home have this subtle bitter taste and not crispy too? I prefer fried yam from the vendors than when made at home.” I was hurrying home so didn’t get to hear whether there was a response from his peer. However, I’m certain he would not have any better response to that question. You need to be an expert in the kitchen or have some excellent culinary skills to answer that, trust me. I pondered over the question and here are some answers I deduced. Fried yam from the streets

These Lessons Will Make Your Life Better As A Single Mother

Written by | October 4, 2017 | 0
Erica Wyatt is a single mother of four children and knows at firsthand that raising your children alone is one of the most difficult challenges that you will ever face in life. She shares 4 lessons on familyshare.com, to help other single mothers. You are never alone. All too often the enemy comes to bring discouragement by telling you that no one understands your struggles and you are all alone in your quest to raise successful children. The word of God lets you know that God is ALWAYS with you. No matter what challenges you face or how hard things get in your life, always remember that God is walking right beside you. Deuteronomy 31:6 – Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” 2.

Five Signs That You Wear Too Much Makeup

Written by | August 14, 2017 | 0
Makeup is awesome. But, a lady who is dependent on makeup is not difficult to identify. It may be that the foundation is too much or your cheeks are overly pink. Hence, most ladies tend to overdo makeup to look pretty and beautiful. Sometimes, ladies may not be aware of the fact that they are wearing too much makeup. These signs shared by Jumia Travel , the leading online travel agency, shares signs you are wearing too much makeup. Your friends don’t recognise you  If your friends cannot recognise you without makeup, it is a serious problem. Makeup can give you confidence, but you should not feel insecure about letting your natural beauty shine. You cannot stay barefaced Some ladies cannot leave their homes without makeup. They feel very incomplete and uncomfortable. Hence, most times, when

Here’s Why Doctors Have Stopped Prescribing Metformin

Written by | August 12, 2017 | 0
We are quickly approaching the day when people diagnosed with Type II Diabetes can kiss goodbye to their expensive pills and annoying needles and test strips. This is thanks to a breakthrough from a Sri Lankan researcher, a specialist in endocrinology with 23 years’ experience, that is going to change everything we thought we knew about how to treat Type II Diabetes... No more needles! Would you be willing to try a “Delicious Dish”or even a “Miracle Smoothie” that could solve the problem of diabetes naturally? Mr. Michel Dempsey, in a brave (and lucky) attempt to save his wife from diabetes discovered a Sri Lankan tribe that has 0 cases of diabetes or pre diabetes. Against all odds he was able, with the help of a Sri Lankan researcher from the university of Peradeniya,

Oral Sex Producing Unstoppable Bacteria

Written by | July 25, 2017 | 0
Oral sex is producing dangerous gonorrhoea and a decline in condom use is helping it to spread, the World Health Organization has said. It warns that if someone contracts gonorrhoea, it is now much harder to treat, and in some cases impossible. The sexually transmitted infection is rapidly developing resistance to antibiotics. Experts said the situation was “fairly grim” with few new drugs on the horizon. Around 78 million people pick up the STI each year and it can cause infertility. The World Health Organization analysed data from 77 countries which showed gonorrhoea’s resistance to antibiotics was widespread. Dr Teodora Wi, from the WHO, said there had even been three cases – in Japan, France and Spain – where the infection was completely untreatable. She said: “Gonorrhoea is

Is it okay to snoop through your man’s phone

Written by | May 1, 2017 | 0
Envision this scenario. Your man gets up and says that he is going to take a shower. He goes into the bathroom,  the door locks, the shower gets turned on and finally, the sound of water crashing in the tub. Suddenly, it hits that his phone is left sitting right next to you. Knowing his shower routine and length of time it takes, you know that you have at least a good 1o to 15 minutes’ to rummage through his text messages and DMs. It is easy in this instance for one to develop a burning desire to go snooping around on his phone. Is it a good idea to run through his phone behind his back? Should you have a sneaky feeling that he may be cheating, is it still acceptable to indulge in snooping around? My simple answer is NO and n-e-v-e-r! It is worth asking one’s self when the last

7 Unbelievably Easy Ways To Burn Calories

Written by | April 10, 2017 | 0
Losing weight is not all about going to the gym and having a strict eating regimen – it doesn’t have to be a major undertaking, sometimes even the smallest amount of effort can be extremely beneficial for you. Jumia Travel , the leading online travel agency shares 7 unbelievably easy ways to burn more calories to aid weight loss or weight maintenance. Dance Dancing is a great way to have fun while burning calories. Invite some friends over or by yourself, turn on some tunes, and dance to the rhythm of the music and have fun with it. Do this for like 10 or 20 minutes for about three or four times a week and you’ll be surprised how many calories you burn. Chores Do some house chores, sweep here, mop there, rearrange and move a couple of things around. Doing chores is a great way to move

5 Reasons Why Igbos Have Strong Business Acumen

Written by | March 30, 2017 | 0
 0  When it comes to doing business in Nigeria, the Igbos of Eastern Nigeria are number one. You cannot compete with them. You find them in every good business from retail to shipping, hotel, hospitality, import and export. They are always there. As in their adrenalin for doing business is out of this world. From the old to the young ones, they blessed with natural business acumen and they have hugely taken advantage of it to create wealth for themselves. In line with this, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency identifies 5 reasons why Igbo have strong business spirit. They are will to travel to do business You should envy the ingenuity and knack for business by the Igbos. Where other Nigerian tribes can never go, you will find the Igbos there. They are on ground