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Meet 17-Year-Old Nana Adwoa Who Scored 8As In 2019 WASSCE

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  My parents and grandmother would always encourage me to study and pass my exams and by the help of God, I have passed my WASSCE with distinction. My classmates in Wesley Girls’ High School always believed in me and it pushed me to learn harder. My form master, Mr. Samuel Wordui, was also a great inspiration to me.” When asked what inspired her, she said ” I have always dreamt of being one of the successful women in the world making an impact and leaving a legacy.” This is a young 17-year-old Nana Adwoa who completed Wesley Girls with 8A’s in her subjects. According to Nana Adwoa, it is her dream to study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology which is one of the best engineering schools in the world to become a successful engineer in the future. Nana

Breastfeeding Tips For The New Age Working Moms, Striving To Strike A Balance

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The evolution in time certainly brings with it an evolution in lifestyle and these changes can be experienced on the small everyday routine levels to larger spectrums as well. One of the many changes that are very evident these days is the change that has come about in motherhood as women have gone beyond the household. While this has been an advantage especially with the financial support and exposure, it also has been a challenge for mothers to maintain a balance in both their worlds, especially for the new mothers. A major struggle that most new working mothers come across these days is that of breastfeeding. This has especially been a concern because of the beneficial importance around breastfeeding that has largely been stressed upon. It is widely accepted that breast milk provides the

Potbelly (Abnormally High Waist Circumference); Fortune Or A Disease?

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AUG 5, 2019  HEALTH & FITNESS  4 COMMENTS Introduction On account of poor eating habits among the general population, potbelly has become increasingly common these days. More than half of the adult population of both genders have a potbelly. Whiles many individuals ignorantly attribute potbelly to fortune or “cosmetic” issues, it is in actual terms, a very high-risk factor for all kinds of chronic diseases with an inescapable increased risk of premature mortality. What is potbelly? Potbelly is the loose term for “abnormally high waist circumference”. Other lose terminologies include “beer belly, high waistline and spare tire” but whatever you call it, potbelly is not something you would want to develop let alone take slightly. The appropriate medical term

Save Your Eyes From The Summer Strain

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Save Your Eyes From The Summer Strain The early onset of summer and to such sudden extremities is not a very welcome change for anyone. Hot winds, scorching sun, sweaty palms, and wet clothes take a toll on everyone’s health in various manners. After our skin, our eyes remain the most exposed organs to deal with the direct impact of this increased heat. Either due to tiny dust particles, hot temperature radiations, dirty palms rubbed near the eye areas, too bright sights or just sweat going down the eyes; redness, frequent squinting, and itching of our eyes very commonly announce the arrival of summers. Impacting our extremely sensitive sense organs, summer almost becomes a season of eye diseases. Hence, it becomes extremely important to prevent and save your eyes from any discomfort during

Kuukua Eshun: Let’s Talk About Mental Health Within The African Community

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Intro What comes to mind when you hear “Mental health?” Perhaps a psychiatric hospital? “Mad” people running the streets? Horrific stories about mentally ill people attacking you or someone you know? As a community, we need to redefine the way we view mental health and the impact it has on us. Mental health simply refers to the well-being of our psychological and emotional state; Which includes but is not limited to, how we feel, think and act. Mental health affects our everyday life and decision making. A lot of people find it shameful to admit that they struggle with mental health issues: and on the other hand, some people stray away from the topic in hopes that by ignoring it, their mental and emotional health issues will disappear, others do not even believe mental health is

A Friend With Sex Benefits

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There’s a growing fad among some friends (male and female) who engage in occasional sexual intimacy as a benefit of their friendship. These friends, I learnt, are not involved in proper dating or courtship; they are just good friends. They may be neighbors, colleagues at work, schoolmates, group or professional mates, club/society members, business partners etc. However, they are available to respond to the emotional needs of their friends whenever the need arises especially if his/her spouse/partner is not around or the friend is not in a relationship. I understand it’s a convenient way of staying comfortable in friendship as there’re no commitments involved. Therefore, there’s no fear of heartbreak in sight because no expectations or obligations are demanded. Also,

Traditional Outfits Never Looked This Good; Check Out Harry Bentil’s Trad. Wedding

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Ghanaian actor and movie director Harry Bentill tied the knots with the love of his love, in a private ceremony over the weekend (13th October 2018). The ‘Afia Schwarzenegger’ TV series star and his beautiful bride looked regal in traditional apparel as they made their relationship official in the presence of family and a few celebrity friends. Check out photos from Ghanaian actor, Harry Bentil’s traditional wedding Donned in the rich Kente cloth, they duo look totally stunning and we just can’t have enough of the newly weds. They ooze in the rich cultural traditions of Ghana with their look but most importantly exude much happiness as seen on their faces in these photos. Checkout more photos Check out photos from Ghanaian actor, Harry Bentil’s traditional wedding Check

Ghana To Use Specialised Drones To Transport Essential Commodities To Remote Areas

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To ensure successful implementation of the Universal Access to Health Care (UHAC) and end AIDS by 2030 using technology and innovation, the government of Ghana will in October introduce drones in transporting essential medicines to inaccessible areas. The drones, which would be used in conveying essential medicines like epidemic and viral load samples and most importantly, blood would make Ghana the second in Africa after Rwanda to use drones to deliver blood and other needed supplies to rural villages in Ghana Dr Anthony Nsiah-Asare, Director General of the Ghana Health Service made this known in an interview with the Ghana News Agency after he had participated in a panel discussion session as part of the on the on-going 22nd International AIDS Conference at the RAI Convention

Model turned Designer Damola Cruz Unveils Label Alan Cruzer; Drops ‘The Bespoke Luxury Collection’

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Damola Cruz Nigerian bespoke tailoring company Alan Cruzer has dropped their 2018 Bespoke Luxury Collection. The modern fashion brand by top model turned designer Damola Cruz Adebowale supply men with all their needs from custom suits, shirts, and accessories including shoes, ties, cufflinks, and all other customized accessories. Modeled by the designer, the collection showcases well-tailored bespoke suits for different types of grooms and their bridal party. The pieces are all made from the finest fabrics. However, the collection is bridal themed, it is not limited to grooms only. The pieces are suitable for all kinds of special occasions. According to the designer, “Alan Cruzer Bespoke traditionally cut from a pattern drafted from scratch for our customer, and so differs from

Anita Akuffo Is Our ‘Style Crush Thursday’

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Yes it’s a Thursday and so you know it is time for our style crush and today, we are crushing on this look TV presenter, Anita Akuffo is rocking. The raffle hand African print long top is absolute style goals and we love how she styled it up with a matching mini white skirt, and white strap heels. She is definitely serving slays goals and we are loving it. Check out how fine she is slaying tell us if you are crushing the look as much as we are. Background She is the host of Fashion GH TV show, Anita Akua Akuffo, has disclosed that her father is against what she does as TV Presenter and her involvement in show-business in general. According to Anita the lack of support from her dad is the reason why she has decided to dress decent and takes her appearance very serious so as not to bring shame